Birmingham Repertory Theatre

We helped them with
500,000 scans.
The Birmingham Repertory Theatre is one of Britain’s leading producers of theatre who commission newcomers and new groups as well as established theatre professionals.

How we helped

Paperjacker were tasked with assessing and scanning over half a million archived documents prior to staff moving back to the newly refurbished theatre. Our main objectives were to increase space and enable staff to find important documents quickly through searchable indexed fields.

What we did

Full document archive assessment
Detailed cost savings proposal
Scanning of 500,000 documents
Key index fields search creation
Installation of file retrieval software
Secure destruction of paper files
Full employee training program

Benefits gained

Reduced document retrieval time
Increased employee productivity
Increased office space
Increased security of information
Improved disaster recovery
Reduced off-site archive costs
Reduced carbon footprint