Document Scanning

Not Paperless. Just less paper.

Scan. Index. Retrieve.

At least 20% of employees time is spent searching for information.
Scanning documents will reduce your costs and boost staff productivity.

Find what you need. In seconds.

Paperjacker are experts in helping business convert files to searchable PDF’s.
We will return your files on CD’s or with software so you can find what you need quickly.

What we do.

Nationwide secure collection
Removal of staples and paper clips
High resolution scanning process
Files indexed with your search criteria
We return your files on CD’s
Additional software to find documents
Full employee training
Secure destruction of your files

Your office files. Filed.

Increased security of information
Increased employee productivity
Increased office space
Improved disaster recovery
Reduced off-site archive costs
Increased employee efficiency
Reduced document wastage
Reduced carbon footprint